There are many reasons to consign:

  • You can clear out your clutter!
  • You can make money from items your family no longer needs. Receive 70% of the profit from your items sold.
  • You can find the best deals at the consignor only pre-sale.  You’ll get first dibs on merchandise and find exactly what you want without the crowds!
  • You can eliminate the cost and work of advertising.  Changing Hands will be well-advertised in the Cincinnati area, taking advantage of both print and electronic media.
  • You can attract the most buyers possible for your goods.
  • You don’t have to worry about price negotiation or bargaining, which means you’ll make top dollar on your high-quality merchandise. While we ask that you follow our guidelines for pricing, you determine the price for your items.
Babies don’t usually play too hard with their toys, making them perfect items for consignment. Make money from items your family no longer needs. Receive 70% of the profit from your items sold.

Consignor Responsibilities:

  1. Complete the online registration, including paying the $11 registration fee and signing the Consignor Agreement. Please note that this fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.
  2. Prepare your items to sell.
  3. Clean, sort and tag those cute outfits, books, toys, sports equipment, etc. using the “tagging instructions” and tagging template.
  4. Bring and set-up your tagged items to Madeira Elementary the night before the sale.  Consignors are required to set out their own items in designated areas (example: boys size 4, books, riding toys, strollers, etc.).
  5. Return to the sale at 1pm to help sort items, return school to its pre-sale condition, and collect unsold merchandise.  Consignors have the option to donate unsold merchandise.

“Quality Control” of Items:

In order to maintain the high quality of merchandise at the Changing Hands Sale, we use a “red line” system. When you receive your own items back after the sale that you are NOT donating, you might see a simple red line drawn across one of your CHS tags. This means your item was removed from the sale due to one of the following reasons:

• the item may be off-season (example: bathing suit at a fall sale or winter coat at a spring sale)

• the item may be on the “unable to accept list” (see red middle column)

• the item simply has had too much love and was not in excellent condition

Please do not consign your red-lined items in a future Changing Hands Sale!

Can you have too much of a good thing?

Yep, in this case, we think maybe you can! The Changing Hands Sale is growing so well, we are almost overflowing. Where we feel this more than ever is in the (0-12 month) Baby Room. Our tables are so full of clothing they’re toppling over! For this reason, we’d like to limit the baby clothing to your 50 best pieces. We’re hoping that this move will allow for more items to be sold throughout the day, and a little less digging for our buyers. Thank you for understanding!

Do I have a booth at the sale?

No — there are no booths like a flea market or street sale.  Changing Hands is more like a consignment boutique.  Merchandise will be displayed by category (clothing, strollers, toys, games, etc.), not by the seller.  We keep track of items sold by your unique consignor number.

Do I stay to sell my stuff?

We’d love for you to stay and volunteer to work the sale, but should your schedule not allow you to do this, it is not a consignor requirement.  If you would like to volunteer, click here and sign up for a 2 1/2 hour shift or send us an email at

What happens to items that I don’t sell?

Unsold items can be reclaimed or, if you want to go home without the clutter, items can be donated to local families in need.  At the end of the sale, all items will be sorted by consignor number, and any items marked for donation will be placed in a separate pile.  Consignors are asked to stay and to help with the clean-up and sorting process.  They are also required to claim merchandise not sold and not going to charity.