Accepted Items

This is a seasonal sale.  In March, only Spring/Summer clothing, shoes, and accessories will be accepted.  In September, only Fall/Winter clothing, shoes, and accessories will be accepted. 

  1. Baby Gear – high chairs, pack and plays, baby swings, strollers, bouncy seats, exersaucers, activity tables, etc.
  2. Indoor/Outdoor Play Equipment – bicycles, tricycles, kitchen sets, train tables, picnic tables, wagons, slides, tents, play houses, doll houses, riding toys, sports gear (including safety gear), rollerblades, and more!
  3. Children’s Furniture and Decor – changing tables, dressers, gliders and more!
  4. Children’s Clothing – newborn to size 16.  Please try to limit your clothing to under 250 pieces.  Clothing is plentiful at a sale of this nature–choose only your best to sell!
  5. Children’s Footwear – should be in excellent condition!
  6. Maternity Clothing – only pieces in the best condition and in current fashion!
  7. Toys, Games, Puzzles, DVDs, Books – must have all pieces and batteries to sell!
  8. Electronics and Gaming Systems – must have all components and cords!
  9. Nursery and Baby Items – monitors, gates, bath tubs, slings, diaper bags, décor, and feeding items.
  10. Books

Items NOT accepted at sale:

  1. Cribs- due to recent mass recalls.
  2. Car Seats (booster seats are fine)
  3. Breast Pumps
  4. Potty Seats, Toilet Seats, Diaper Pails (unless new)
  5. Baby bath towels (unless new and in bags)
  6. Baby Bottles (unless new and in package)
  7. Receiving blankets (unless new and in package)
  8. Item in Poor Condition- stains, tears, odor, excessive wear
  9. Out-of-season clothing/accessories
  10. Undergarments (unless new and in bag)
  11. Vacation/personalized t-shirts
  12. Stuffed Animals -unless electronic, like a Tickle Me Elmo, or new with tags
  13. Battery Operated Items without batteries
  14. Any items not for children or expecting parents
  15. Recalled Items
    (check http://

New Guidelines:

Because of regulations by the Ohio Department of Commerce, we are unable to accept bedding, upholstered furniture, and stuffed toys. This includes mattresses, comforters, mattress pads, changing pads, cushions, pillows (bed pillows, throw pillows, pregnancy/nursing pillows, Boppies), mattress protectors, quilts, blankets, and sheets. These regulations do not apply to new items in packaging. For further information, see:

“Quality Control” of Items:

In order to maintain the high quality of merchandise at the Changing Hands Sale, we use a “red line” system.  When you receive your own items back after the sale that you are NOT donating, you might see a simple red line drawn across one of your CHS tags.  This means your item was removed from the sale due to one of the following reasons:

• the item may be off-season (example: bathing suit at a fall sale or winter coat at a spring sale)

• the item may be on the “unable to accept list” (see red middle column)

• the item simply has had too much love and was not in excellent condition

Please do not consign your red-lined items in a future Changing Hands Sale!