Can I just donate?

The PTO always welcomes donations.  If you have items for the sale, but would like all of your proceeds to go to the PTO, you have this option.  When you register as a consignor, just check the box indicating your interest in a donation.  You will still need to prepare, tag, and set up your items, as we are not equipped to store and sort items for the sale.  We will, however, gladly waive the registration fee and provide you with a letter so that you can claim your donation on your yearly taxes.

Madeira Residents only: Items may be consigned to a PTO number without registering as a consignor.  Only a handful of items per person can be accepted, but this will allow individuals with just a few big-ticket items to donate them without the effort of preparing and tagging.  All proceeds will go directly to the MES PTO.  Please contact us via email at if you are interested in this option.