Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Changing Hands Sale?

This sale is an opportunity for families in Madeira and surrounding areas to pass on children’s items no longer used and to shop at discounted prices for high-quality, very gently used merchandise.

NEW!  What recent changes do I need to know about for this sale?

Can you have too much of a good thing? Yep, in this case, we think maybe you can! The Changing Hands Sale is growing so well, we are almost overflowing. Where we feel this more than ever is in the (0-12 month) Baby Room. Our tables are so full of clothing they’re toppling over! For this reason, for this Spring sale, we’d like to limit the baby clothing to your 50 best pieces. We’re hoping that this move will allow for more items to be sold throughout the day, and a little less digging for our buyers. Thank you for understanding!

How do I register to sell?

You need to complete and submit the registration form online.  A consignor number will be assigned upon registration(returning consignors retain their original number) and an email will be sent confirming your registration.  Consignors must also accept the Consignor’s Agreement and submit this with the $11 registration fee.  This fee can be paid online using a credit card (or a PayPal account) or via regular mail with cash or a check.  The $1 price increase will now eliminate the need for consignors to provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope at consignor check-in.

What is a consignor number?

This is your form of identification at the sale.  This number will go on all of your tags and will help us keep track of the amount you have sold.  Because items consigned will be set up in different sections of the sale, this number is critical.  It will also enable us to sort unsold items after the sale and return them to you, should you wish to get them back.

What can be consigned?

Almost anything for children or parents!  Clothing, shoes, coats, toys, DVDs, video games, furniture, baby items, strollers, bikes, sporting equipment, etc.

What do I do after I register?

Consignors will be responsible for preparing all of their items (cleaning, pinning sets together, bagging items with pieces, etc) and for tagging them using our online template.  Instructions on preparing and tagging items are available on our site.

Do consignors drop off items ahead of time?

Set-up will be the night before the sale.  All consignors will be asked to come the night before the sale to set up their items.  Volunteers will help check-in consignors and will guide them.   They will also look for any items that may be unacceptable (see acceptable and unacceptable items).    The pre-sale will be the following morning.

Can I donate my items?

Any unsold items can go to charity, rather than being returned to you.  There is a place to indicate this preference on your tag.  If you’d like your proceeds to go to the PTO, you may also do this.  Simply check the donation box on the registration form and you will receive special instructions on tagging your items.  If you choose this option, the $11 fee will be waived.