Shopping the Sale

Changing Hands will be set up like a consignment boutique, rather than a rummage or yard sale.  All items for sale will be organized by category (and clothing by gender and size). Because only items in very good condition will be accepted, shoppers can save time shuffling through lesser quality items.

Where is the sale located?

The sale will be in the gymnasium of Madeira Elementary.  Shoppers should enter through the main lobby doors of the school, located in the middle of the building.

What should I bring with me?
Bring a laundry basket, recycled tote bags,  or rolling cart to help you shop. You may bring a stroller, however, we will give you a stroller tag for identification purposes.  Strollers are also cumbersome for shopping in this environment, so if you do not need them we recommend that you leave them at home (or consider bringing an umbrella stroller). Children are welcome, but be aware that Changing Hands does not own the merchandise for sale and we ask that items not be “played with” until purchased.

Are prices negotiable?

No, cashiers and volunteers are not able to negotiate prices, however, consignors generally price their items to sell. Popular items, name brands, and great bargains are sure to go first, so arriving early is advised. Come back during the last hour, from 12-1 p.m., for a chance to find last-minute deals. Any items marked for donation will be sold for 50% off the marked price. You can tell that an item will be donated or sold at half price by a “D”, an “X” or a dot in the space above “donation” on the tag.

What payment methods are accepted?

Cash and credit cards are accepted for both the pre-sale and regular sale.  Checks will not be accepted.  Checks, however, can be written to cover consignor registration.

Is there a return policy?

As with most sales of this nature, all sales are final.

Is there an admission or parking charge?

There will be a $1 admission fee to shop the sale.  Parking is available in the lot of the elementary and along the streets adjoining the school.

Who shops at the Pre-sale?

Consignors and volunteers are invited to shop the pre-sale from 8-9 a.m. the morning of the sale.  This is a chance for those participating to shop before merchandise goes on sale to the general public.