Sale Set-up and Pre-sale

Set-Up, Friday, 4-6:30 p.m.

All consignors are required to bring their tagged and sorted items to the Madeira Elementary School the night before the sale for set-up. Consignors are responsible for setting out their own items.  At check-in, you will need to show a minimum of 20 “quality” items (dresses, pants, shirts, toys, etc. or any combination of items) OR a combined total of $50 in items (larger items such as bookshelves, rugs, bikes, etc. or any combination of these items).

Preparing to come:

  • Before you arrive, all items should be clean, properly tagged, and ready to sell.
  • Check to be sure you’ve included a price, item description, and your consignor number!
  • Items should be organized by type to make set-up easy and efficient. Clothes should be organized by gender and size.
  • Bins/boxes used to transport items must be marked with consignor number clearly visible on the side.
  • Consider bringing a wagon, dolly, or cart to help you transport items easily.
  •  You will no longer need to provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope at consignor check-in.

Where do I go?

  • Consignors check-in at the entrance directly off the playground. Each consignor will pick up a name tag and passes to the pre-sale (one for consignor and one for a guest). If you are bringing a helper, you will get a name tag/pass for them as well.
  • Consignors may temporarily park in the unloading/drop-off loop adjacent to the gymnasium and playground. This drop-off zone will be clearly marked. After you check-in, items may be unloaded and moved inside.  You must move your car to a school parking spot once unloading is complete. PLEASE DRIVE CAREFULLY AND SLOWLY — Children are still participating in after-school activities and their safety is our number one priority.
  • A map of the sale area will be emailed to you and tables and sections will be clearly marked. This will help you determine where your tagged items need to go. Volunteers will be on the floor assisting.
  • Be sure to arrive in enough time to set up your items. Arriving between 4-5pm should be sufficient for most people.  If you have only a few items, arriving later should be acceptable.

Bins or containers used for transporting items should be returned to your vehicle after set-up.  You should plan to return with a few empty bins at the close of the sale on Saturday to collect unsold merchandise.

“Quality Control” of Items

  • Consignors should be finished setting up by 6:30pm.  At this time, Changing Hands Sale staff and volunteers will begin to organize and perform a quality check of the merchandise.
  • Merchandise deemed unsellable according to the consignor’s agreement will be removed from the floor by volunteers.  Please do not be offended if one of your items is pulled from the sale — sometimes the most obvious stains or defects are missed until they are seen under the fluorescent school lights.  This merchandise will be returned to you at the end of the sale.
  • In order to maintain the high quality of merchandise at the Changing Hands Sale, we use a “red line” system.  When you receive your own items back after the sale that you are NOT donating, you might see a simple red line drawn across one of your CHS tags.  This means your item was removed from the sale due to one of the following reasons:  the item may be off-season (example: bathing suit at a fall sale or winter coat at a spring sale), the item may be on the “unable to accept list” (see red middle column), the item simply has had too much love and was not in excellent condition
  • Any consignor with a considerable amount of unsellable merchandise may be asked not to participate in future sales.
  • Please do not consign your red-lined items in a future Changing Hands Sale!

Pre-Sale: Saturday, 8-9 a.m.

The presale will occur just before the sale opens to the public. Please bring your pre-sale pass with you to the sale. This will allow us to get you in the door without delay.

You have one hour to shop and may use a tote, laundry basket, or shopping bag to carry your items. Cashiers will be located at the main school entrance. Large item cashiers (for items too large to carry with you) will be at the blue exit doors in the gym, right off the main sale area. If you have a very large item, you will need to stop at the large item check-out in the gym BEFORE proceeding to the main cashiers. Once paid for, large items may be placed in a holding area until you are finished shopping.

Cash and credit cards will be accepted at the pre-sale and the regular sale.  NO CHECKS will be accepted at the pre-sale or the public sale.